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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiring Motivating Website: Donghaeng "Walk With Him"


 A little phrases from Kiro, who made a Cartoon Site "Donghaeng" with flash video that blessed so many people who visited it, include me. I saw my friend's display picture on Blackberry Messenger which is a print screen of Donghaeng Flash Video. And that was so touched. He told me that he got it from Donghaeng site. I visited the site, watched the videos, and slightly my tears start come out. It is really revealed about how God is never sleep, never leave, and loves us more than anyone else will ever do. 

These are some of Donghaeng's Flash Videos. 
Click on the link below the picture to watch. Or you can click right on the link and choose "Save Link As" to download it.
I Love You 





Flesh & Blood
May you be blessed with the things I share here. Find the blessing on yourself and give the blessing you have to others. They need to see, they need to hear, they need to know. It's our job to spread the love of God.
God bless you my friends.


  1. Ah!! I know this movie! :D nonton pas retret dulu dan pasti sll tersentuh. Movie yg pertama aja uda bikin nangis. TT^TT huhuhu...nice sharing bgt nih Kelly... :* (cium) makasii ya..dr dlu pengen nyari sumbernya tapi ga pernah tau. D:

  2. Aaaa anaass glad to know it dear! *kiss you too* ^^ Iyaah aku juga sampe nangis nontonnya :( Ngerasa Tuhan uda begitu baiknya sama kita. Hope it can be a bless ya nas :) God loves you ^^

  3. nice post <3
    following your blog now.
    mind to follow back my blog?thanks ;)
    P.S : i'm one of your fans ,ur voice is amazing in heart girlband

  4. Nice infoo..sygnya monitorku masuk bengkel ga bs coba..hahaha