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About Me

Hi! I'm Kelly. Welcome to Bohamatic [former: Love Castle]. Which is taken as the name because it based on my family name, "Boham". It comes from Manado's surname. My parents are Manadonese. I got a bit Chinese blood from my father but I prefer to call my self as Manadonese rather than Chinese since I've never celebrated Chinese New Year. In this blog, I prefer to use common English so everyone can get it easier (just because my English is terribly broken).

Love to learn any kind of languages, but to be noted, just for the daily use. I learn for many languages but just for the slang ones, cause I hate formal thingy to be honest. I love food! Absolutely. You can just give me tons of food and I will instantly like you. Beach, is my self-claimed as my hometown. I love beach more than any places you can tell. I run and jump into the roll of ocean waves, eating seafood, surfing, jet ski-ing, running with some dogs at the beach, and pulling the fish nets together with the fishermen. You can get free squid, shrimp, fish, shellfish, and stuff if you help them pulling the fish nets (my favorite part). Love to play games since I was kid, I remember TEKKEN as my first love in gaming. I love dancing, this is also being a part of my life that I can't live without. To move your body carefreely and just enjoy the music with your soul. You can easily get into your new world. Some girls love shopping but not me. I prefer to go to Timezone or stuff and saving my money to buy foods. I'm really careful in using my money. You can ask me to choose clothes for you but don't ask me to buy clothes for myself. Because to me, there are lots of more important things to buy than to spend 1 juta rupiah just for clothing. Sometimes I got some random thoughts that not everyone can get it, they call it freak so I choose to keep it on my own. Last, I love to see people happy and smiling. You can have a pretty or handsome face, it can go wrinkled. But a smile is never out of date, so use yours. But above it, a smile that comes from the joyful heart is the prettiest. Don't just try to make others believe that you are happy, but try to be happy yourself. When you are sad, the only way to cheer  yourself up is to cheer others up. Spread the love. The love from your heart, the love of God.

Name: Kelly Christine Boham
Birth of Date: July 17th 1988
Religion: Christian - Protestant 
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Swimming, reading, cooking, DOTA 2. Playing? YES. Studying? NO.
Occupation: Student without study. I'm learner, not studier.
Hate: Cockroach, butterfly (They are not pretty. They are horror.), and all kind of bugs in the earth.
Favorite Foods: Noodle, sushi, somay, KFC, sate padang.
Favorite Books: Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Belajar "Goblok" Dari Bob Sadino, Steven Covey. (I don't like novel or fiction stories).
Favorite Music: Instrumentals, Gospel, Classic Piano, K-Indie
Favorite Color: Peach

I hope you get little more loves when look around my blog. Thanks for visiting. God bless you.


  1. hi there Kelly,
    are you the type that eats a lot but will always be slim? envy..hahaha

    I'm new to blogging, and I love you blog, your BG, even your playlist, LOL.

    keep posting! =)

    1. Aaaa thank you Teresa! :)
      Iyaah aku mo makan banteng pun nggak bisa gemuk (╥﹏╥)
      I love your blog too! Simple design, lovely song, and nice post :D
      Keep posting dear, nice to know you ^^

  2. Kelly can you please show me how you got ur blog to look like this? Everytime i try to change my blogs layout it doesnt let me somehow... also may i get some tip on blogging. Im a new blogger to be honest. I havent posted anything big becuase i dont have much time to but i'd like to be told how to change it and some great tips. also by the way you have a very good blog, i absolutely love it. sorry for having such a long comment. and also u have been a big inspire overall, so i hope to see more great blog posts from u^^ keke~!

    1. Hi Nayoung! Thank you so much for your encouragement! :D I have looked through your blog and I left my comment there :) I don't have any blogging tips to be honest :P Just like to share every thing I think about, my random thoughts. And I love to share about all the good things I've learned :D All people surely can do it as well, include you ^^

      I hope to see more great posts from you too Nayoung! You're talented! ^^

  3. I stumbled upon your blog from your Facebook page. The first thing that welcomes me is the music of Yiruma's If I Could See You Again. So soothing and relaxing. Definitely will visit your blog again. It's so beautiful, peaceful and of course, full of love.

    Peace. =)

    1. Hehehe thank you so much for your kind words, Lionel! ^^
      My pleasure if it can be a good thing, yap yap Yiruma's songs are very relaxing hehe glad to know you Lionel! God bless you :)

  4. Sometime i open your blog just to listen to the music.

    1. Ahahaha aw it's heartwarming to know that >< Thank you Azvin glad to know you! God bless you :)

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  6. What a interesting profile you got there, happy to see your blog. Eventhough you never updated it again, do you?

  7. Keep up the good work cc Kelly :D

  8. 不过我的意见罢了,你试试看 ”Paper Towns“ 吧,我认为那个小说很好看^^
    just my suggest, try to read "Paper Towns", for me,it's very good book^^

  9. big Congrats krna udah jdi Brand Ambassadress Steel Series untuk region SEA... :)

    wadeplayy ...!!!! (y)