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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is my first posting and I would like to share about Enakei. For the first time I saw a beautiful drawing focused to a girl holding some kind like heart stuff and put it in front of her right wink eye. That was enchanted me. And I was starting to looking for that girl's picture, surfing in websites. Then finally I found it, it is Enakei. Enakei is the name of drawing designed by a Korean illustrator's named Park Suran (박수란). She is a student of Kingston University, London. She also designing webskin for Cyworld Minihompi (Mini Homepage). I think she is famous enough in Korea. Her art works have been publicized in lots of Korean magazines. Enakei, they display girly figures, quite charming, giving them a more romantic style. The sketches of Enakei, are divided in 2 categories. One of them, which bares the name, includes full bodies girly sketches, usually traveling to European Countries or to promote ladies wear and accessories. The second and most important category is Jennie Enakei. In this, are displayed, exclusively the heroine’s portraits. Therefore we can say with certainty that we deviate from cartoon and we enter the world of art. The particular portraits are accompanied by key-phrases which describe the mentality of heroine. Is important to mention, that for the development of Enakei, the role of the models are taken over by well-known Korean Models.
More information you can find here:

These are some of Enakei and Jennie Enakei images:

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